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I remember a Wikipedia workshop organized by the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Oxford? The question was why the number of Arabic speakers is around half a billion and the Arabic content is less than 5%, and in these five cases, perhaps a third is useful. A question and whether he found his answers and suggestions for a solution that the road is still long to support more content.

And because Arabic speakers are peoples who master multilingualism, perhaps unlike the American or European peoples, for example, you will always find those who master a second language, such as Algerian speaking in French and Egyptian speaking in English.

In the history of languages: And when the mother tongue is the second or third. We waste time learning language instead of science. And many fall behind in their knowledge if they don't master the language. The rest does not succeed because they are not able to understand the culture of the language.

But in reality, how many people live in Algeria? How many contributors are from Algeria? And how many Algerians add encyclopedic content?

I can't answer here, but I have retrieved the 140-page report of the study in which I shared my thoughts and which was conducted by Oxford - whose excellent analyses I recommend.

In summary: we need to focus on the important objectives to define, organize and direct the work on this topic.

Permanent, adaptation and recurrence. I am optimistic about our future at this time.


(This is a conversation that took place on a social media page, which was collected by this text for several responses with light behavior.)

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